All contact in relation to the CIDD procedure is made via the registry – please contact  supportdesk@channelisles.net
We request that you do not contact the arbitrators directly, unless asked by them during a dispute to do so.(In those circumstances, they will provide a suitable email address.) In the absence of such request, please contact the support desk.


Domain Name Dispute Resolution Services (DRS) for the Channel Islands
CIDD provides arbitration services generally and a domain dispute advice and resolution services to a number of ccTLD registries, including the Channel Islands of Guernsey and Jersey.

The DRS has the same function for .GG and .JE domain names as Nominet UK’s DRS does for the United Kingdom, and WIPO’S UDRP does for (e.g.) .COM &c.

Dispute filings may be accepted in French, Chinese and Russian in addition to English (our primary language).

If you intend to challenge a domain registration, it is necessary to either use the DRS or issue legal proceedings in court. 

What is our experience?

We are providers of mediation and arbitration in relation to European issues of Communications, Information, Internet, Intellectual Property and related fields. All of our experts are qualified as barristers, solicitors, advocates or qualified lawyers in relevant European jurisdictions.

In relation to Domain Disputes, we act as principal provider for Guernsey and Jersey, and may also accept disputes for .AS (American Samoa) as an alternative to WIPO.

.GG – The Guernsey registry uses a variant of Scheme 1.
.JE – The Jersey registry uses a variant of Scheme 1.

No monies are received by the domain registries for their processing of the service. All fees purely pays for the costs of the arbitration. 

Providing cost-effective, IT-enabled and private resolution of disputes across the entire communications industry, we provide an alternative means of solving communications disputes which fall outside the remit of the industry regulators and where the choice is to provide ADR as the alternative to the expensive route of litigation, a route that can be drawn out and damaging for all parties due to high legal costs, tying up of valuable internal expert resources, publication of sensitive company data and the unwanted media interest.  We provide a cost effective, quick, independent and impartial access to mediation and adjudication service to ensure fair dealing within the entire Internet and Communications industry.


Most of our clients choose to keep their relationship with us a confidential matter and to also keep our decisions confidential, this is particularly true of the Private Client Dispute Arbitration Service.

Domain disputes and resulting Decisions are published and are not subject to confidentiality. 
Submissions are private to the parties and may only be used and referred to in respect of the Dispute in question.