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It is a genuine concern for all parties to know who will be the Arbitrator. In some systems, Arbitrators are simply experts in their field, but have no knowledge of legal procedures. CIDD is not like this. The Arbitrators are all qualified barristers or solicitors with at least 10 years experience and in many cases over 20 years experience. They will have had this experience in litigation and in commerical law so they know how to deliver fair and impartial justice. Using CIDD, they can do it at a lot less than using a Court.

Just take a look at the CoIPTA section and you'll see simple easy to understand rules. CoPITA Arbitration brings confidential dispute resolution. No public dispute. No damage to reputation, just sensible Dispute resolution
See the specific domain links. - or download the Golden Nuggets of CIDD Domain Dispute Filings guide. Remember ICANN requires the results of Domiain Disputes to be public.

A lawyer is usually preferable but the CIDD UDRP or CIDD CoTIPA Arbitration system is designed to be used without a lawyer. To ensure that a fair decision is reached, all of our Arbitrators are barristers or solicitors of 10 years call or more. Ensure that you are aware of the rules and our published guides on the site. Think of it like a Small Claims Court but handling more complex matters, whether an internal dispute within your company, technology, contractual dispute or a domain dispute.